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Welcome to Mondi Zimele

Mondi Zimele is a small business development organisation that adds value through making available, loans and business development support to employment creating small businesses within the Mondi value chain and surrounding communities.

Supplier & Contractor Development

One of Mondi Zimele’s well-established programs is its Forestry Contractor Support; which has been expanded to qualifying Mondi South Africa Suppliers, where Mondi Zimele (MZ) provides business support services including financial support at discounted interest rates, to help ensure the sustainability of eligible supply partners that are critical to our value chain. Business support is focused on productivity improvement, business administration and compliance as the key to success for these SMEs.

Small Business Development & Support

Over the years, Mondi Zimele expanded focus to incorporate support for small and medium enterprises as well as community-based small businesses around Mondi’s operations. Mondi’s operations are generally situated within areas where the local communities have a lack of access to economic opportunities as a result Mondi Zimele aims to encourage economic development through supporting sustainable businesses with a focus on job creation in our Mondi catchment areas.

Fibre and Forestry Development

Mondi Zimele aims to increase the availability of sustainable, competitive fibre for Mondi Mills by empowering surrounding communities and small growers, through our small timber growers program, by providing them with market, seedlings and support.

Since 2013 MZ have distributed R17m worth of seedlings to our small growers, where we now have over 3300 small timber growers supplying timber to our Mill.


Mondi Zimele is the small business development arm of Mondi South Africa (Pty) Ltd.


Develop and drive transformation through the Mondi SA.


Encourage economic development and job creation in Mondi SA’s forestry communities.


Promote sustainable, empowered local contractors in Mondi SA’s forestry value chains.


Increase the availability of sustainable fibre for Mondi mills from surrounding communities and small growers.

What we offer

Mondi Zimele adds value by making available business development support and loans to employment creating small businesses within the Mondi value chain and surrounding communities. A hands-on approach to business development and skills transfer in conjunction with the availability of discounted business funding is fundamental to the initial growth and success of these businesses.

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