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Entrepreneur Development Training Programme
The Mondi Zimele Entrepreneur Development Programme is a series of phased training workshops targeted at anyone thinking of starting a business now or in the future. It aims to demystify the requirements of establishing a small business and provides practical steps from planning to final implementation. The learning is enabled by layering workshops, case studies and hands on interaction with experienced business personal, with the final output a finalized business plan.

The program includes:

• Steps to setting up your own successful business enterprise
• Reasons why most businesses fail and how to avoid these pitfalls
• What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur
• Exploring real-world opportunities
• Putting your business idea to the test.
• Building a plan that will attract investors.
• Understand what is required to create a feasibility study for your business concept
• Get answers to your SMME questions
• A comprehensive business plan guide to get you going.

The training consists of the following modules:
Phase One – Orientation
(One day)
This is a one day workshop where key success factors for business, elements of successful business proposals and critical implementation steps will be discussed. Participants are invited to complete a one page business concept with the top business proposals invited to attend Phase 2 of the training programme.

Contents include:

• Mondi Zimele Introduction
• Evaluating your Entrepreneurial Profile
• A Business Plan Content
• Risk and reward of being a business owner
• The world of your own business
• What do banks look for in a business plan?
• Key bank funding criteria
Phase Two – Business Concept Development
(Three days)
Successful applicants from Phase 1 will attend an intensive 3 day workshop of how to construct a business plan covering all aspects of a successful business proposal.

Contents include:

Business Overview
Types of business ownership
Legal requirements
Creating a business opportunity and framework for your product/service
Mission statement
SWOT analysis
Short, medium and long term goals
Common mistakes
Writing your business overview

Market Feasibility and Viability
Barriers to entry
Target market
Customer profiles
Analyse your competition
Writing your marketing overview

Sales and Marketing Plan
Gain clarity
Build a Sales process
Position your product and services
Value Proposition
Product strategy
Distribution strategy
Promotion strategy
Marketing plan
Letter of intent
Customer servicing
Writing your sales and marketing plan

Operations Plan
Premises and location
Equipment and other fixed assets
Manufacturing and servicing process
Distribution and delivery plan
Writing your operations plan

Human Resources Plan
Building your management team
Growing your team
Policies and procedures
Writing your human resources plan

Costing and Pricing
Basics to remember
Assets required
Operating costs
Costing and pricing your product
Phase Three – Business Plan Execution
(Two Days)
This is the final phase of the program, where expert facilitators will assist you in finalizing your business plan and preparing for submitting your plan to potential funders.

Contents include:

Types of Business Finance and Lending Criteria
Sources of finance
External solutions to finance
Owners funds
Forms of finance
Comparison of funding products

Financial Management
Business plan viability
Financial statements
Review of financial statements
Balance sheet
Income statement
Cashflow statement
Overtrading/ Working Capital
Creative accounting/ Window-dressing
Principals underlying financial management
Types of insurance

Presentation of a Business Case
Characteristics of a successful business plan
Elements of a successful presentation to your funder
Preparing your presentation
Interview techniques
The Mondi Zimele Entrepreneur Development Program is conducted on a regional basis over a six week period. Look out in the local media for a program near you.
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